2017 Thorpe Player's stall!

St. George's Day Fete 2018

Come and see us at the St. George's Day fete on Sunday April 22nd at Fitzmorris Park off Pound Lane, Thorpe St. Andrew. We will have our usual stall there and be doing lots of fun things!

12.30 until 16.00

Our Pop Up Music Hall fund-raising event that took place on Saturday 18th November turned out to be a rewarding evening. Both the audience and the performers had a great evening of frivolous, phantasmagorical fun in the true spirit of Music Hall.
Many thanks to all those who came and saw the show and helped to raise funds for Thorpe Players. We really do appreciate your support.

Izzy Munday, director of Tomb With a View, explains a little more
about the plot and what happened on the Friday night!

The Friday night performance!

Although Claire - who played Anne - had such a lot of fake bloody dealings in the play,
unfortunately she herself cannot tolerate the sight of her own blood, and 10 minutes
before the end of Friday nights ' performance, cut her hand causing it to bleed and she
couldn't help but faint on the front of the stage! Fortunately she didn't hurt herself and
recovered in about 10 minutes but there was nothing we could do but bring the
evening to an abrupt close. We sincerely apologise to all the members of the audience
and, as we have a record of those present, would like to offer them £2 off the next

Who killed who in "Tomb with a View"!
For those who came to see Thorpe Players' latest
production and still not sure "who-done-it" ( or
indeed those who came on the Friday night and
unfortunately missed the ending) here goes........
Penworthy put poison in Freda's sherry , and
shot Oliver down in the cellar (we never actually
saw him, but heard him often!) Monica stabbed
Penworthy in the garden / also (finally) Anne!
Anne shot Marcus / beheaded Lucien and put it
in a box in the secret passage / stabbed Agatha
with a meat axe (!!) / poisoned Emily with
cyanide in her apple and finally strangled Dora
with her own scarf.
So Penworthy = 2 / Monica = 2 / Anne = 5!!
(Not a nice nurse!!) Perry (Ermyntrude Ash) is left
being chased by man-mad Monica!!

see the photos!........

NEW! The Friends of Thorpe Players

Following discussion at our Annual General Meeting earlier this year it was decided to set up The Friends of Thorpe Players. Intended to attract those people that would like to support quality, local community theatre it will offer various benefits to its members for a small annual subscription.

Visit our 'Friends' page to find out more!

St. George's Day Fete  2017

Sunday April 23rd saw  Thorpe Players participate in the Thorpe St. Andrew fete dedicated to St. George! We've done this for quite a few years now, come rain or shine, and this year we had our biggest tent ever which housed a small area where a half hourly show about 'illusions' was performed. The weather was kind to us this year and a great time was had by all.  Click on pictures below to enlarge.